Flower Garden Afghan

I recently finished this afghan I started for my daughter more than 2 years ago. I saw an afghan made of a random grouping of flower granny squares. There was no pattern but I loved the look of the afghan. I began researching free flower crochet patterns. Most of the flowers below came from:


I adapted the flowers into squares, made most of the squares and put the squares aside. I lost interest or got started on another project. I want to focus on graphghans for the immediate future. After the Beauty and The Beast graphghan I made for my niece, I asked my daughter if there was anything she wanted. I expected Harry Potter, Tinkerbell or Nightmare Before Christmas. To my surprise she asked that I finish this afghan. I was reluctant to return to it. I didn’t bother completing extra squares to make the pattern repeat. I just attached what squares I had. I originally intended to put her name on the blanket. Hence the squares with letters. However I don’t like the letter squares. So I made a banner with her name and a heart using mini C2C. The blanket was shorter than I liked so I added back the letter squares. There’ll be no denying who’s blanket this is🤣.

Anyway, I plan to back the afghan before I give it to her for increased warmth. I’m also working on a similar afghan for my aunt in law. My MIL and her sister are wonderful and I’m making them both afghans as Yule presents. Plus another afghan for my daughter, mini C2C and another mini c2c for my MIL. I’m going to be busy the next 90 days! 

I plan to post the patterns I used as well as the changes I made in the patterns to form granny squares with the next afghan.

Stay tuned!


Beauty and The Beast Mini C2C directions

The directions are based off of a graph I found for free on Pinterest. I’m sharing my written instructions and the graph was not created by me so I have no idea who to credit. It appears it was created in stitchboard which is also a free graphing program. Enjoy!

I used hook size ‘I’ 5.5mm

I used Caron One Pound Yarns.

For The Beast I used Deep Violet. It used the most yarn and took 1.5 skein. 

For Belle I used Sunflower most (90%) of one skein. 

For the background I used Medium Grey Mix a full skein and maybe 1/4 of another. 

For the Rose and stem I used scraps. I’m fairly confident I used Red Heart Super Saver Very Cherry & Kelly Green. Since it was scraps I’m not sure how much used but relatively little.

The blanket came out about 5 ft tall and 2.5 ft wide-better measurements coming soon.

Color Key:

V=The Beast, S=Belle, G=Background, K=Stem of Rose, R=Rose

Row 1: 1G (1) down

Row 2: 2G (2) up

Row 3: 3G (3) down

Row 4: 4G (4) up

Row 5: 5G (5) down

Row 6: 6G (6) up

Row 7: 7G (7) down

Row 8: 8G (8) up

Row 9: 9G (9) down

Row 10: 10G (10) up

Row 11: 11G (11) down

Row 12: 12G (12) up

Row 13: 13G (13) down

Row 14: 14G (14) up

Row 15: 15G (15) down

Row 16: 16G (16) up

Row 17: 17G (17) down

Row 18: 18G (18) up

Row 19: 19G (19) down

Row 20: 20G (20) up

Row 21: 21G (21) down

Row 22: 22G (22) up

Row 23: 23G (23) down

Row 24: 2V 22G (24) up

Row 25: 21G 4V (25) down

Row 26: 19V 6G 1V (26) up

Row 27: 1V 5G 21V (27) down

Row 28: V22 4G 1V 1G (28) up

Row 29: 1G 1V 3G 24V (29) down

Row 30: 25V 2G 2V 1G (30) up

Row 31: 2G 2V 1G 26V (31) down

Row 32: 27V 1G 2V 2G (32) up

Row 33: 2G 2V 1G 28V (33) down

Row 34: 29V 1G 2V 2G (34) up

Row 35: 2G 33V (35) down

Row 36: 34V 2G (36) up

Row 37: 3G 34V (37) down

Row 38: 35V 3G (38) up

Row 39: 3G 36V (39) down

Row 40: 36V 4G (40) up

Row 41: 4G 37V (41) down

Row 42: 39V 3G (42) up

Row 43: 3G 1V 1G 38V (43) down

Row 44: 40V 4G (44) up

Row 45: 4G 41V (45) down

Row 46: 42V 4G (46) up

Row 47: 5G 42V (47) down

Row 48: 43V 5G (48) up

Row 49: 6G 14V 3S 26V (49) down

Row 50: 25V 4S 15V 6G (50) up

Row 51: 6G 15V 5S 25V (51) down

Row 52: 25V 6S 15V 6G (52) up

Row 53: 7G 15V 6S 25V (53) down

Row 54: 22V 9S 16V 7G (54) up

Row 55: 8G 15V 10S 22V (55) down

Row 56: 19V 1S 2V 10S 16V 8G (56) up

Row 57: 8G 17V 13S 8V 3S 8V (57) down

Row 58: 8V 4S 7V 14S 16V 9G (58) up

Row 59: 9G 16V 14S 7V 6S 7V (59) down

Row 60: 7V 7S 6V 14S 16V 10G (60) up

Row 61: 10G 17V 1S 2V 12S 2V 13S 4V (61) down

Row 62: 4V 26S 21V 11G (62) up

Row 63: 12G 20V 8S 1V 5S 1V 12S 4V (63) down

Row 64: 3V 13S 3V 4S 1V 7S 21V 12G (64) up

Row 65: 13G 20V 8S 7V 15S 2V (65) down

Row 66: 2V 16S 6V 8S 20V 14G (66) up

Row 67: 15G 20V 7S 6V 17S 2V (67) down

Row 68: 2V 22S 1V 7S 20V 16G (68) up

Row 69: 17G 19V 31S 2V (69)  down

Row 70: 2V 31S 20V 17G (70) up

Row 71: 18G 19V 31S 3V (71) down

Row 72: 3V 26S 1V 2S 22V 18G (72) up

Row 73: 19G 22V 2S 1V 26S 3V (73) down

Row 74: 4V 25S 1V 2S 23V 19G (74) up

Row 75: 20G 22V 2S 1V 26S 4V (75) down

Row 76: 5V 28S 23V 20G (76) up

Row 77: 21G 23V 1S 1V 26S 5V (77) down

Row 78: 5V 29S 23V 21G(78) up

Row 79: 22G 4V 1G 18V 1S 1V 28S 4V (79) down

Row 80: 3V 31S 19V 1G 4V 22G (80) up

****decrease odd rows after 80****

Row 81: 21G 5V 1G 18V 1S 1V 29S 4V (80) down

Row 82: 4V 29S 1V 1S 18V 2G 5V 20G (80) up

Row 83: 19G 6V 1G 18V 1S 1V 30S 4V (80) down

Row 84: 5V 29S 1V 1S 18V 2G 6V 18G (80) up

Row 85: 17G 6V 3G 18V 1S 1V 29S 5V (80) down

Row 86: 5V 30S 1V 1S 17V 4G 7V 15G (80) up

Row 87: 17G 4V 4G 18V 31S 6V (80) down

Row 88: 6V 32S 17V 25G (80) up

Row 89: 25G 17B 31S 7V (80) down

Row 90: 7V 31S 18V 24G (80) up

Row 91: 24G 17V 31S 8V (80) down

Row 92: 9V 30S 13V 1G 3V 24G (80) up

Row 93: 25G 1V 1G 14V 30S 9V (80) down

Row 94: 10V 29S 14V 27G (80) up

Row 95: 26G 15V 28S 11V (80) down

Row 96: 12V 27S 15V 26G (80) up

Row 97: 26G 15V 27S 12V (80) down

Row 98: 13V 26S 15V 26G (80) up

Row 99: 26G 14V 27S 13V (80) down

****decrease every row after 99*****

Row 100: 13V 26S 14V 26G (79) up

Row 101: 26G 14V 26S 12V (78)  down

Row 102: 12V 26S 9V 1G 3V 26G (77) up

Row 103: 26G 2V 2G 9V 25S 12V (76) down

Row 104: 11V 25S 9V 3G 1V 26G (75) up

Row 105: 30G 9V 24S 11V (74) down

Row 106: 11V 24S 8V 30G (73) up

Row 107: 32G 6V 23S 11V (72) down

Row 108: 11V 22S 5V 33G (71) up

Row 109: 33G 5V 21S 11V (70) down

Row 110: 11V 20S 6V 32G (69) up

Row 111: 32G 6V 20S 10V (68) down

Row 112: 11V 19S 6V 31G (67) up

Row 113: 31G 6V 18S 11V (66) down

Row 114: 12V 16S 6V 31G (65) up

Row 115: 31G 5V 17S 11V (64) down

Row 116: 10V 17S 5V 12G 1R 18G (63) up

Row 117: 17G 2R 12G 5V 16S 10V (62) down

Row 118: 10V 16S 5V 11G 4R 15G (61) up

Row 119: 14G 5R 11G 5V 15S 10V(60) down

Row 120: 10V 14S 5V 11G 5R 14G (59) up

Row 121: 13G 6R 11G 5V 12S 11V (58) down

Row 122: 12V 11S 4V 11G 7R 12G (57) up

Row 123: 12G 7R 12G 3V 10S 12V (56) down

Row 124: 12V 9S 2V 13G 8R 11G (55) up

Row 125: 10G 8R 15G 1V 7S 13V (54) down-S done

Row 126: 13V 6G 1V 14G 2K 8R 9G  (53) up

Row 127: 9G 7R 2K 3G 1K 10G 2V 5G 13V (52) down

Row 128: 12V 6G 1V 11G 1K 2G 3K 4R 11G (51) up

Row 129: 11G 3R 4K 1G 2K 11G 1V 6G 11V (50) down

Row 130: 11V 6G 1V 11G 3K 1G 1K 1G 1K 2R 11G (49) up

Row 131: 15G 1K 1G 3K 11G 1V 6G 10V (48) down

Row 132: 10V 6G 1V 11G 2K 17G (47) up

Row 133: 17G 1K 1V 3G 2V 13G 9V (46) down

Row 134: 9V 10G 6V 1G 2V 17G (45) up

Row 135: 16G 10V 9G 9V (44) down

Row 136: 8V 8G 12V 15G (43) up

Row 137: 15G 12V 7G 8V (42) down

Row 138: 7V 7G 13V 14G (41) up

Row 139: 13G 14V 6G 7V (40) down

Row 140: 6V 6G 14V 13G (39) up

Row 141: 13G 14V 5G 6V (38) down

Row 142: 6V 4G 15V 12G (37) up

Row 143: 12G 16V 3G 5V (36) down

Row 144: 5V 2G 17V 11G (35) up

Row 145: 11G 17V 1G 5V (34) down

Row 146: 22V 11G (33) up

Row 147: 11G 21V (32) down

Row 148: 20V 11G (31) up

Row 149: 10G 20V (30) down

Row 150: 19V 10G (29) up

Row 151: 9G 19V (28) down

Row 152: 18V 9G (27) up

Row 153: 8G 18V (26) down

Row 154: 17V 8G (25) up

Row 155: 8G 16V(24) down

Row 156: 16V 7G (23) up

Row 157: 7G 15V (22) down

Row 158: 14V 7G (21) up

Row 159: 8G 12V (20) down

Row 160: 11V 8G (19) up

Row 161: 8G 10V (18) down

Row 162: 9V 8G (17) up

Row 163: 9G 7V (16) down

Row 164: 6V 9G (15) up

Row 165: 9G 5V (14) down

Row 166: 3V 10G (13) up

Row 167: 11G 1V (12) down

Row 168: 11G (11) up

Row 169: 10G (10) down

Row 170: 9G (9) up

Row 171: 8G (8) down

Row 172: 7G (7) up

Row 173: 6G (6) down

Row 174: 5G (5) up

Row 175: 4G (4) down

Row 176: 3G (3) up

Row 177: 2G (2) down

Row 178: 1G (1) up

Until All Are Free: Black Feminism, Anarchism, and Interlocking Oppression, by Hillary Lazar

Institute for Anarchist Studies

This essay is in the current issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory available from AK Press here!

If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all the systems of oppression.  —The Combahee River Collective

We are all feminists, united in our recognition that women’s subordination exists. Our struggle needs to be fought alongside the struggle against other forms of oppression. … We are all anarchists, united in our belief for the need to create alternatives to this capitalist, patriarchal society wherein all are dominated and exploited.  —Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group of Dublin

There is growing recognition among activists that we need to acknowledge the interconnectedness of our struggles if we are to harness the collective power necessary to overcome interlocking systems of domination. As Francesca Mastrangelo comments in an editorial piece for The…

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Square #1: The Hogwarts Crest (Harry Potter CAL)

It’s time for some stitchcraft and wizardry–let’s get started on our Harry Potter Crochet Along!

This CAL will consist of 1 large (50Ă—50) center square and 12 smaller (25Ă—25) surrounding squares. There will also be several alternate squares and possibly even some bonus squares on top of that!

The first square of this CAL is the Hogwarts Crest! This square comes in two different versions: a detailed version that includes house animals and a simplified version that doesn’t.

While the simplified version has much fewer color changes, I decided to go with the detailed version because I just couldn’t resist that little Hufflepuff badger!

HP CAL Square #1-1HP CAL Square #1-2

You can download the PDF for square #1 here!

The PDF contains graphs (with arrows!) and written instructions for both versions of this square. The detailed version is first, and the simplified version is listed after that (so scroll down to see it!). The square is…

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Superhero Logo Charts


HappyHooker's Blog

All panels are 50 x 50.


~The Green Lantern




~Dead Pool

~Captain America

~Wonder Woman

~The Flash

~Iron Man


~Marvel Comics

~DC Logo

~The X-Men

~The Fantastic Four

~The Incredible Hulk

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks! Note: I have no affiliation with Marvel or DC.

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Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll


AmigurumiBB by Che'Che'

After almost one moth of break from new posts, returning with, I hope, lovable gift to you all.

New crochet addition to all Waldorf admirers.

Waldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBB

Simple testing the head for this pattern has taken our little Facebook group into wonderful doll making adventure. Many new ideas opened and new patterns were created. 25 wonderful and kind ladies have applied to test the pattern. Those that finished came up with the most adorable little princess dolls 🙂 Some we still wait to finish their projects. If ladies agree I will post their photos for all of you to see.

What I am specially satisfied that not matter which weight yarn or size hook was used, the pattern worked well for all.

For the first time we have tried joining limbs with cotter pins, and making joints with whatever we could find at home. Instead of original discs, washers and cotter pins, we mounted cotter…

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Brown Girls Do Self Care: Sherronda’s Movie List

Cause I need to watch these đź’—

Brown Girls Out Loud

Author: Sherronda J. Brown

My lovely sisterfriends asked me to write about films that bring me comfort in one way or another. You will quickly learn from this list that I mostly find comfort in the bizarre and the ominous, rather than the warm and fuzzy. I am undoubtedly revealing a lot about my own existentialism and nihilism and general peculiarities with this list. I willingly admit that some of these films are weird, obscure, and unsettling, but I love them, unabashedly. Every time I watch them, I feel a sense of tranquility at their culmination. Maybe others will be able to find some comfort in them, too. Here are eight of the films that I like to watch when I need self-care, in no particular order.

*Minor spoilers ahead*

It’s Such A Beautiful Day (2012)

A poignant and dark little comedy about a neurodivergent stick figure.

Told in three…

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