Brown Girls Do Self Care: Sherronda’s Movie List

Cause I need to watch these 💗

Brown Girls Out Loud

Author: Sherronda J. Brown

My lovely sisterfriends asked me to write about films that bring me comfort in one way or another. You will quickly learn from this list that I mostly find comfort in the bizarre and the ominous, rather than the warm and fuzzy. I am undoubtedly revealing a lot about my own existentialism and nihilism and general peculiarities with this list. I willingly admit that some of these films are weird, obscure, and unsettling, but I love them, unabashedly. Every time I watch them, I feel a sense of tranquility at their culmination. Maybe others will be able to find some comfort in them, too. Here are eight of the films that I like to watch when I need self-care, in no particular order.

*Minor spoilers ahead*

It’s Such A Beautiful Day (2012)

A poignant and dark little comedy about a neurodivergent stick figure.

Told in three…

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