White Liberals and their love of Bernie Sanders

Please stop acting like Bernie Sanders is the answer the country needs right now. Especially white people. Or that he should run in 2020.
Before I explain further let me start by saying my vote for Bernie Sanders during the primaries was probably the last time in my life I vote Democrat. Going forward *if* I vote it will likely be Independent.
I also voted for Obama both terms, he is a war monger and didn’t do shit for black folks but he remains my favorite of our historically 100% shitty ass selfish presidents. Mostly because he’s black and it meant more than white people are capable of understanding for him to be elected. Actually I think whites are aware how important he was to us and that’s included in the racist backlash that is Trump. As much as I love Obama, I can acknowledge he didn’t do anything to curb racism and pandered to whites. No I wouldn’t vote for a third term for him but I’ll also never regret voting for him for his 2 terms, even as my politics shift.
Now to Bernie Sanders. I supported him heavily during the primaries AND after. I’m disgusted with how the DNC treated him. Yet I was never satisfied when he interacted with #BlackLivesMatter protesters. He tried but he, like many white liberals, seem to not understand economic changes don’t help black people/non-whites proportionally because racism is both systemic and institutional. That’s why Affirmative Action helped white women more than it did black men or women. Racism combined with a poor understanding of institutional and systemic racism is what led to white women challenging Affirmative Action, a system that was helping them succeed. Look at college/university scholarships, the stereotype is non-whites, especially blacks and Native Americans/First Nations get the most scholarships and don’t pay out of pocket tuition. The reality is white people get way more financial aide than non-whites, even though they need it less. So Bernie’s economic reforms are not going to help blacks and non-whites equitably until racism is dealt with. Certainly he’s preferable to The Deranged Cheeto or Hillary but so is my 18 month old granddaughter. Preferable isn’t the issue, competency is.
Post The Deranged Cheeto’s win Bernie supported white Trump voters denying that their vote for an openly racist candidate was about racism. He spoke right over blacks saying this was about racism, as well as common fucking sense (if you vote for a racist candidate you are in fact racist) and eventually even studies confirmed white people voted for racist reasons.
The racial divide in voting was stark. That can not be ignored or downplayed. That Bernie refuses to address this troubling fact, given the openly racist climate post election, is a support of White Supremacy. No way around that. Everytime racism is ignored or downplayed White Supremacy is strengthened.
Racism and White Supremacy have been greatly strengthened in this election. Racism is being normalized openly in a way we haven’t seen since the Civil Rights Movement 50 years ago. It is critical and crucial that the next president address racism both institutionally and systemically. Which means the ability to acknowledge that Trump voters are bigots. We can’t advance as a country without acknowledging that narrative.
Right now black women in the US are 4 times as likely to die during childbirth as white women. Our children are being groomed from preschool for the school to prison pipeline. I won’t get into the policies Trump is now putting into effect that will further target blacks. Economic changes can’t fix that.
Also the extreme irony that white pain is being centered in a narrative for a disaster their fucking racism caused. Only in Amerikkka.
White people are going to have to find a way to get through to racist whites, be they family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, girl/cub scout leaders, choir director, whomever.
Stop centering white fucking pain and woes when white americans are going to be better than non-white americans no matter who is president. Take responsibility for the fact that white people and their racism, are responsible for Trump being president.
Suck it the fuck up buttercup.
Y’all can’t be free until we *all* are free.
Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, poverty, *all forms of oppression* are tied to racism.
Hasn’t the history of the feminist movement taught you that social movements that don’t include *all* forms of oppression are doomed to fail?
Poor, transgender, homosexual, disabled, impacted by sexism, or whatever flavor oppressed white people will never get rid of their oppression until they get rid of their racism. It’s the lynch pin to the White Supremacy/patriarchy destroying our nation.
White Supremacy supports white people being oppressed by poverty, transphobia, homphobia, sexism, ableism, other forms of oppression. It’s not just about hating non-whites, it’s also about oppressing undesirable whites. Systems of oppression are tied together. There’s no equity possible for whites that aren’t straight, cis, able bodied, Christian and wealthy without destroying racism and white supremacy. Just like sexism harms and holds back men, racism harms and holds back whites. Your racism supports the very system keeping your white ass oppressed.
Poor whites must open their eyes to how racism is destroying this country and contributing to their own oppression. Since whites seem to be incapable of truly comprehending or feeling compassion for non-white pain, start with how white racism reinforces white people being oppressed until maturity allows acknowledgement of personal racism after which the ability to see and feel compassion for non-white pain should be possible. Look beyond yourselves please, your selfishness and self centeredness is destroying our nation and it’s supposed ‘freedoms’ not to mention the planet with The Cheeto removing environmental protections.
A Concerned Black Feminist Anarchist


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