No white people are not ‘intersectional’ feminists

This is the thing.
Intersectional Feminism is a voice/definition for WOC/POC to explain overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination
Or how it’s harder to be oppressed or marginalized for something AND not be white.
WOC/POC have been saying this since Julia Ann Cooper and Ida B. Wells this concept wasn’t created by Kimberlé just the word.
Of course ‘intersectional’ applies to white people who are oppressed at intersections themselves. No ones denying that or the importance of that.
Here’s the thing though, white people and their concerns don’t get to be centered in the intersectional narrative.
90% of feminism is for and about white folks and the intersections they face. White people don’t need this definition because they aren’t being excluded from mainstream feminist definitions.
We ( non white folk) are, hence the need for Kimberlé Crenshaw to coin this.
If you take it over with the ‘nuance’ of your needs; (Which seems to be more about lessening white responsibility for racism than it is about the ways in which oppression interacts/intersects.) You again silence WOC/POC in the need to center yourself in a narrative designed to address the over looked needs of WOC/POC.
Example: Feminism includes men’s rights. Yet we don’t make men’s ‘nuance’ the focus of feminism. If we did, men would center themselves and it would make moot the whole point. If men were capable of not centering themselves feminism wouldn’t exist, it wouldn’t need to.
Same principal applies to ‘intersectional’

First, you don’t need this, feminism already gives white folks a voice.
Second white people ruin things by centering themselves.
Which is again, why shit created for POC to express themselves doesn’t need white nuance anymore than feminism needs men’s nuance.
On the contrary what needs nuance is mainstream feminism.
So hands the fuck off white folks.
You are NOT intersectional
If you want to add nuance, expand your definitions to include us and our needs.


3 thoughts on “No white people are not ‘intersectional’ feminists

  1. This this this! White feminists claiming this are co-opting the political and emotional labor of black women. It is important to understand intersectionality and abide by it in our own work, but it’s not ours to claim

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