I’on Even Have A Title For This, Yall. I’m Just TIIIIIIIIIIIED Of The Bullshit.


Views From The Sips

I could never be fully invested/immersed in “mainstream” nerd/geek culture. ESPECIALLY Black nerd/geek culture.

It’s a toxic ass environment for Black women/femme nerds, LGBTQ nerds, and those of us who are at those intersections.

Yeah. I damn said it. And, yes, I can hear your inward groans and your screams of “SJW!!!” at your computer screen as you read this.

Aaaaand, I still don’t give a fuck. I said it because it’s true.

You really don’t need to look any further than social media, especially Facebook. There are so many Facebook groups dedicated to nerd culture, it past the point of ridiculousness. But, the Facebook Blerd (Black nerd) groups is where all the fun happens. And, by “fun,” I mean fuckity fuck-fuck-fuck shit.

Now, the question that some folks might ask is, “How can a marginalized group of people be toxic to people within its own community?”


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