Black Women Own Detroit’s Only Vegan Full Service Restaurant – #Blackowned

The Hungry Black Man

“If cameraman Korey (@KoreyDavisPhotography) doesn’t shoot it, I won’t eat it.”  I found an article from the Washington Post titled, “One of the country’s poorest cities is suddenly becoming a food mecca”.  As I completed reading the article, I thought it would be cool to look up some of the restaurants discussed and list them on my Facebook in celebration of National Black Business Month.  I assumed the majority would be black owned given the reputation of the city’s demographics (I have never visited Detroit).  To my unpleasant surprise, I could only find one restaurant in the entire article that was partly black owned.  How could this be?  How could a city with all of these black people only be represented by one black restaurateur inside an article about Detroit’s food scene?   So I did my own research and found over fifty black owned restaurants.  I called cameraman Korey, and we were on our way to…

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