The “Anti-Assault” Vote and Who Gets It-Hillary or Bernie?

All of this is news to me

Sapient Sexuality


Women in the United States who have been assaulted might not realize it, but they are a political force, about 35 million strong, whose shared desire for justice creates an enormous potential for unity. And women do vote more than men – in 2008, more women voted, in every demographic but one.

Female victims of assault are unlikely to be aware of their power as a political force, because the statistics are always presented in a way that makes it difficult to grasp the magnitude of assaults against women. Clearly 35 million is a lot of people -with those numbers, if the sexually assaulted had their own state, they’d have the second most populated state in America. Women who have been assaulted bond strongly and are highly motivated to help other women, and I truly believe that the political machine is very aware of the possibilities of this huge demographic uniting. They are doing everything they…

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