DNA ancestry tests and Black Americans

Just found today that 21% of my DNA is from Cameroon


ethnic-africaNote: I already did a post on DNA ancestry tests. This one looks at them as applied to Blacks in the US.

Unlike other Americans, Blacks had their ethnic identity and history taken from them. Even Native Americans know which tribes they come from. DNA tests can help to recover some of that missing information.

There are two kinds of tests: admixture tests and lineage tests.

Admixture tests tell you how much of your DNA comes from different parts of the world. For Black Americans it generally comes out something like this:

  • 77% Black Africa
  • 21% White Eurasia
  • 2% Native America

That is the average according to National Geographic.


don-cheadleDon Cheadle: 81% Black, 19% White, 0% Native

tina-turnerTina Turner: 66% Black, 33% White, 1% Native

condoleezza-riceCondoleezza Rice: 51% Black, 40% White, 0% Native, 9% Asian


  • Asian: Sometimes you will see Asian thrown in, like…

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