Facebook Bans “H*nky,” But Approves of THIS Pic…




After I wrote about being banned by FB for using the words “redneck,” “honky,” and “devil” in the context of discussing words that may violate FB’s “community standards,” a friend sent me the above screenshots of their attempt to report an incendiary, anti-Black, racist image.

Without hesitation, FB replied notifying them that the image posted by ‘Michelle Georgevich Hellgeth‘ does not violate community standard. Their report was rejected. Meanwhile, using the words “redneck,” “honky,” and/or “devil”–even in an academic context–is a violation of FB’s community [double] standard. Look at that pic again. Now… let that sink in.

Perhaps the above example is just one that slipped through the cracks, an anomoly and not indicative of a pattern selective (racially biased) FB censorship? Well, let’s see about that. Here we have a wildly racist meme posted by FB user Damein Condo which reads, “Black Pregnancy Test: Put a piece…

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