‘Go Set A Watchman’ by Harper Lee

I have avoided this novel. I loved To Kill A Mockingbird as a child. As an adult I gave grown tired of the white savior trope. You would think Go Set A Watchman would appeal to me. By all accounts it’s about a savior who is just a bitter old bigot. Pretty much what happens to white saviors.
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Reminiscing the Reads

Warning – Proceed with caution. A few spoilers ahead

imageThis has to be the most awaited book of the year, probably one of the most discussed too. An author and the one book that she had written. Much has been said, analyzed and admired about Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’ Jem was the quintessential elder brother, an annoying, teasing teenager, but always there for his tom boyish imp of a sister , Scout. She was what many an adventurous young girl wanted to be. Mischievous and endearng, she brought a smile on your face every time you thought of her. And Atticus, who hasn’t yearned for a father like him, even if you had a perfect one at home? The epitome of righteousness, a true free spirit who believed even children had the right to know everything. He had an answer to all the questions. And you were confident…

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One thought on “‘Go Set A Watchman’ by Harper Lee

  1. Thank you for the share.
    In the end, the majority of us are limited by the clans we belong to. The idealism of youth turns into the realism of middle and old age. Children wear rose tinted glasses which gets shattered as they grow up.

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