Feminism’s dilemma: When fictionalised violence trumps in real life abuse

On point

Media Diversified

by Chimene Suleyman

It was cruel when sports writer Rebecca Griffin angrily tweeted, “When black women attack ‘white feminism’, they are forgetting who made it possible for them to have rights – as women. And, they are racist.” It was almost hard to believe this wasn’t a parody account. Was it even true? No, of course it wasn’t. Not with women like Sojourner Truth, Maria Stewart, Ida B Wells, the mothers, and grandmothers, and sisters of black women. But then it wasn’t intended as anything other than a jibe at black women’s capabilities, and even the most optimistic translation — that the most privileged women help other women, no matter what their race — didn’t sit well. It simply wasn’t true.

It wasn’t really worth taking seriously, crassness aside, it felt like the not-so-secret secret view that dominates mainstream chat about women: there are good feminists and bad…

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