Ten reasons why I refuse when a white person wants to have a conversation with me about race (with puppies)


Bryant Cross

The other day I read a poem about police brutality at an art gallery. Afterwards, multiple white people began walking up to me trying to talk about race. This happens a lot. After I express my pain and anger about race, white people want to “talk”.
I refuse.
1. I’ve found that white people don’t really want to talk about it. What they really want from me is a “Black Pardon” card. They think somehow that all people of African descent have this card that will absolve them of history & privilege. The more cards you collect, the better.
2. Because they don’t want to talk about history & privilege.
3. Because history is still present but that’s not a conversation they’re willing to have. Instead they want the “lets move past this race thing and connect on our humanity” convo.
4. But humans are equal – which means privileges…

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