A Manifesto of Love : Womanhood

Happy Women’s Day😍 since I could never say it this well myself😊

Curves a la Mode

Let us be confident women who love our bodies unapologetically.

Ignore the “rules” imposed by society.

You don’t have to be a size 0 and you don’t require curves to be and feel beautiful– remember they’re our bodies, our rules.

Let us pledge to love our bodies as they are, because the sizes of our tummies, hips, bottoms and thighs do not define who we are as human beings.

That number on the scale, it only measures mass. It doesn’t capture our souls. The scale doesn’t know how smart, sassy, caring and simply spectacular we all are.

And, my lovelies, believe me when I say “we are ALL absolutely spectacular”.

Let us be nurturing women who uplift other women.

Encourage, inspire and nourish the dreams and hopes of other women.

We don’t have to be in competition.

We can succeed without feeding into the mentality that only one of us can shine at a time.


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