Yoni Defense II : Signs of a Parasitic Male


Signs of A Parasitic Male

Before I get into what seems like a “male bashing” composition let me preface this article by saying I love men. Moreover, they are the brawny protectors and prosperous providers of our planet. With that being said, there is a strand of parasitic men—and I use that term, ‘men’ rather loosely, so I’ll say males—that are looking for female hosts to take care of them. To be a mother or a wife, that is the question? Women want to have a mate that can stand beside them, not a male nestled on their hips like a child. Maybe this epidemic started because there is a need for fathers to be in the home and there are few mentors for growing male adolescents and young men. Maybe it’s spoilage and laziness. Meaning, these males were not required to do chores or honor responsibilities. Maybe these males were not required to earn what they wanted (i.e…

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