Be Metaphysical: Truth, Belief & Faith


The truth is subjective. What you may see as true another person can view as being false… Why? because the agreement of truth between two different people/cultures/nationalities/etc depends on their perspective being in sync. There is evidence and proof of many things in the world that people can not agree on even though there is evidence is in plain sight. ShuNutGeb-1I think belief is the fuel to faith and faith is the vehicle that the perspective of “truth” travels in. I heard something interesting the other day during a lecture by Booker T Coleman. He said if you believe something you can un-believe it at some point … if you have faith in something or someone it is possible to lose faith  but once you know … you know. You may forget what you know and that is a natural occurrence but you can not choose to un-know something once you learn it.  When…

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