WWW: Afromexicanos and the Legacy of Slavery in Mexico


Vamos a Leer

Vicente Guerrero

As many of you know, Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from September 15 through October 15.  What we often don’t realize is that the notion of Hispanic heritage is complex.  The notion spans countries, cultures, languages, and ethnicities.  Yet many times we reduce this complexity to a standard albeit important narrative.  In the United States, for instance, many might think of Cesar Chávez and the Braceros movement, or of Zapata Villa and the Mexican Revolution.

These important figures represent only a small fraction of Hispanic heritage.  If we only rely on their stories to teach our students, then we risk overlooking the richness and complexity of Hispanic culture and history.

Last month, CNN Mexico’s reporter José Roberto Cisneros Duarte focused on those lesser-known aspects with an intriguing report on one of Mexico’s most forgotten and ignored cultural communities: Afromexicanos.  A deeper look into Mexican history reveals that, in fact, some…

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