MHM Recommended Product List


Below is the list of No-no ingredients that we avoid in this regimen and  a brief explanation of each:

TEA-triethanolamine and other ethanolamines(MEA, DEA,etc):

A drying alcohol derived from ethanol, forms lye salt in water based products and dissolves certain types of hair after long term use (like wearing a product with this ingredient on your hair for the whole day and overnight, or using it daily).

Hydrolyzed wheat protein/ peptides :

Bad for low porosity hair and most kinkier Type 4 hair.

Panthenol/Pro-Vitamin B5 :

build up and acts like protein.

Glycerin& Propylene glycol :

Pulls moisture out of hair cortex in dry conditions, glycerin is also astringent.

Mineral Oil and waxes :

Builds up and is difficult to remove all residue without shampoo.

Polyquats :

Just another version of silicones.

High amounts of quaternary salts

build up on the hair as well, although this is primarily an issue for…

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