How to make a dreamcatcher.

Looks very pretty and the directions seem straightforward and simple

Oh Silly Pili


I have had a whole bunch of requests for my dream catcher pattern, so here goes!

What you will need:IMG_3171

An embroidery hoop. (I have used a 5 inch and a 7 inch before – just depends how big you want it!)

Optional yarn to cover the embroidery hoop. The right sized hook for the wool you are using.

Embroidery cotton. This is for the actual dream catching part!

A small crochet hook. I used a 2.5 mm.

Lace, ribbon, buttons, plastic flowers – whatever you want to decorate your dream catcher. (I would recommend trawling through eBay and Etsy for inspiration.)


1. We are going to start with the embroidery hoop. There are three options for this. If you have bought a pretty rustic looking wooden one, you may choose to leave it as it is. I have done this before and it looked great!

IMG_3083If you have basic crochet…

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