Subdued an evil troll to rebalance her lake energies…

Soon we will have to leave our lake sanctuary.  Our peace has been disturbed by the evil troll who’s ancestors are buried on this land. Samhain last, my companion and I used faerie magick to summon a dragon’s breathe sleeping spell. My companion used cunning to trick the troll into meeting us in the woods. We arrived early and cast a spell to call a mist from the waters. It was a crisp but sunny fall day. The swans were swimming lazily by and fishing on the lake in front of us. We stood on the beach with our feet in the surf and held hands and chanted. We used our magick to chant a spell to turn the mist into fog. In the fog we called quarters and created a sacred circle. It hid us from the troll and once she was in our circle we chanted Le Souffle du Dragon and put her to sleep. The sleep should have lasted for a hundred years but the nasty old pixie next door tricked the sweet halfling faerie two houses over into waking the troll. To be continued.


A few swans on the lake.


The clouds we called with our spell forming.


More clouds forming, moisture gathering


We lost our concentration,  a squirrel frightened me…


The sun began to shine through


The clouds began to mive away


But the mist was already called


We linked hands and began to chant


Le Souffle du Dragon


The mist began to form fog and we hid. The veil between the world’s is at it’s thinnest on Samhain and I knew I could count on the help of my ancestors.  We had to borrow power inorder to give the spell enough power to put the troll harmlessly to sleep for 100 years.  Trolls are very greedy and disrupt the natural order of thingd. This troll had been given 50 years to modify her behavior to no use. So often a long sleep is used to discipline unruly trolls.


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